A Russian citizen who burned himself because of a photo from a Polaroid was declared suspected


a Russian citizen who got burned because of a Polaroid photo was declared suspicious

a Russian citizen was declared suspected/Photo from the telegram of the Office of the Prosecutor General

Russian occupiers have long shown their mental abilities and advancement in modern technology. They looted and continue to do so.

a Russian was suspected of being burned because of a photo

However, there are things that are completely unknown to them, so the invaders with their help manage to “burn out” at the crime scene. So did one of the Russian servicemen, who robbed apartments in Irpin. The office of the Prosecutor General informed him of suspicion for violating the laws and customs of war.

According to the investigation, the invader, while in the occupied city of Irpin, Buchansky district, Kyiv region, together with accomplices entered one of the apartments. There they decided to cash in – they took possession of the property of the owners, in particular gold jewelry, equipment and other valuables.

One of them decided to “light up” in the apartment – he took a picture on his own, then on the owner's Polaroid camera. Thus, he left material evidence at the crime scene.

As noted in the Office of the Prosecutor General, the pre-trial investigation is carried out by investigators of the Main Investigation Department of the National Police of Ukraine.

The SBU continues its active work: the latest high-profile cases


  • The Cyber ​​Department of the SBU managed to find a company that distributes alcoholic beverages and a commercial bank owned by Russian citizens. Law enforcement officers seized the movable and immovable property of these companies.
  • The Security Service of Ukraine announced suspicion of high treason to the assistant to the people's deputy of Ukraine. According to the investigation, he has been working for the Russian special services since February 2014.
  • The SBU caught a man who corrected the fire of enemies in Ukraine. He was discovered in the Odessa region – he was a direct fire spotter when they destroyed and hit the bridge across the Dniester Estuary in Zatoka. “occupiers.
  • The Security Service of Ukraine exposed a large-scale fraud to legalize Russians who fled to Ukrainian territory. Illegals could be used by the special services of the aggressor state for their tasks.

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