A Russian woman in a Turkish resort was bitten by a giant turtle: the buttocks suffered the most


A Russian woman in a Turkish resort was bitten by a giant turtle: buttocks were most affected

A 64-year-old resident of Russian Yekaterinburg in Turkey was attacked by a huge sea turtle. She suddenly bit into her buttock, and then continued the attack on other parts of the body.

The bitten Russian woman is called Lidia Bazarova, and she was resting in Turkey with her daughter. When swimming in the sea, the woman decided to lie on her back in the water. However, the animal somehow did not like this action of the Russian citizen.

the Russian woman began to drown from the attack of the turtle

After the incident, Lydia immediately began to give interviews to journalists and describe the events as if it was perhaps the most terrible moment of her life. Like, “it was very creepy.”

I didn't immediately understand what happened, but it was just creepy. I began to beat with my hands, flounder, drown, – Bazarova described the first bite to the top of her thigh.

However, only the lower part of the body was not enough for the animal. The tortoise turned around and started by the hand. It was then that the savior Mustafa Sari heard the frantic cries of the tourist.

The man rushed to help and entered into an unequal battle. Of course, he helped the Russians fight back and get ashore. But Mustafa broke his arm during this and also suffered a bite – in the shoulder. The animal, fortunately, was not injured.

Bazarov was taken to the hospital. They examined her bruises on her buttocks and prescribed a cream.

The turtle after the attack and the consequences of bites: watch the video

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