A signal for the likes of Tokayev – a journalist from Kazakhstan about a warrant for the arrest of Putin


A signal for the likes of Tokayev - a journalist from Kazakhstan about a warrant for the arrest of Putin

The issuance of an arrest warrant to Vladimir Putin will stir up the world and the leadership of states. Those countries that are trying in every possible way to ignore Putin's crimes will fall under the distribution.

Arman Shuraev, a public figure and journalist from Kazakhstan, told Channel 24 about this. According to him, the decision of the International Criminal Court will also affect the government of Kazakhstan.

History repeats itself

Arman Shuraev stressed that the arrest warrant is only a small part of the efforts that must be made so that the criminals and fascists – the head of Russia and his flock, will definitely be punished.

In his opinion, the situation is very similar to the story when henchmen of the leader of Nazism were in the dock.

While the new Hitler is Putin! he is convinced.

The public figure explained that the president of Russia would certainly be punished for all his crimes directed against the peoples he offended.

“The whole history of his reign is the history of the genocide that he did against the Chechen people, the Moldavian, Georgian people, and for the last 8-9 years, this is also the history of continuous genocide against Ukraine,” he focused his attention.

In his opinion, everyone was glad to hear that the world community has already ceased to perceive Putin as a person who commands even the slightest respect.

Arman Shuraev explained how Putin's arrest warrant has to do with Kazakhstan and its leadership: watch the video

Signal for Kazakhstan

Shuraev explained that the warrant for Putin's arrest would somehow apply to Kazakhstan as well.

I immediately thought: “But what about my president of Kazakhstan, Kasim-Jomart Tokayev, will now greet him, hug or congratulate him on any holiday?” he explained.

In his opinion, this is the first victory of Ukraine on the diplomatic and international front.

“90% of the people of Kazakhstan support this decision. Putin is a fascist and he must answer before the tribunal,” he added.

According to the public figure, the decision of the ISS is a sign for those few allies remaining in Russia. In particular, for Kazakhstan, which often abstains from voting within the framework of the UN on the Ukrainian issue.

This is a clear signal to the leadership of Kazakhstan and other countries that still gravitate toward Russia, or rather, are in the orbit of its influence and interests. Tokaev now just needs to cross the Rubicon, he is convinced.

Shuraev stressed that the President of Kazakhstan is a diplomat with great experience. However, even this is not important now, when there is a war going on in Ukraine and thousands of people are dying, including children.

Putin's Arrest Warrant Essentials

  • Prosecutor General Andrey Kostin said Putin's arrest warrant means that outside of Russia, the Kremlin dictator must be arrested and brought to trial.
  • Head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak stressed that now Putin and Lvov-Belov would be arrested on the territory of countries that have ratified the Rome Statute.
  • Russia has already responded to the statement of the International Criminal Court. Maria Zakharova, the speaker of the Russian Foreign Ministry, managed to say two words. She called the decision “insignificant” and the warrant “a prescription for arrest.”
  • Political scientist Igor Reiterovich explained that the decision of the ISS will cause fear not so much among Putin's political and military henchmen, but rather among the Russian business elite. According to him, they have three scenarios for the development of events at once.

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