A slap in the face to Putin: why China renamed Russian cities in its own way


A slap in the face to Putin: why China renamed Russian cities in its own way

Chinese leader Xi Jinping may soon visit Moscow. Before this likely trip, however, China gave Moscow an eloquent signal.

Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko told Channel 24 about this. According to him, maps were published on the official website of the Chinese government, on which Chinese names were returned to some Russian cities.

In general, the changes concern 8 Russian cities and territories, in particular:

  • Vladivostok – Khaishenivey;
  • Ussuriysk – Shuangchenzi;
  • Sakhalin Island – Kuedao.

The Russian journalist noted that the names in the Chinese tradition refer to settlements located in the Far East. Now these lands are officially the territory of Russia.

A signal for the Russian dictator

Yakovenko emphasized that Chinese maps with such names of Russian cities were officially approved by the Chinese government.

Beijing has given Vladimir Putin a clear signal to get used to the fact that Russia will not only be called Muscovy, but all Far Eastern territories will have names in Chinese,” the journalist said.

Note! An electronic petition has been created in Ukraine in which they propose to officially change the name “Russia” to “Muscovy”. President Volodymyr Zelensky instructed the Ukrainian government to work out this issue, in particular, in the plane of the historical and cultural context.

A slap in the face on Putin's ego

A Russian opposition journalist noted that such steps on the part of China look rather strange. After all, Xi Jinping seems to be going to talk to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

And such a message on the website of the Chinese government is a large-scale slap in the face on Putin’s pride,” Yakovenko emphasized.

The journalist recalled that, however, Beijing has not yet officially confirmed that the Chinese leader will indeed come to Moscow.

Stream of Ekaterina Solyar and Igor Yakovenko: watch the full video

Why Russia did not react to the story with the cards

Yakovenko added that he was surprised that Russian propaganda did not mention the story of the Chinese maps.

Moreover, there is not a word on the website of the Russian government either. It was all calmly swallowed,” the journalist noted.

He suggested that the maps with the Chinese names of Russian cities did not cause a stir in Russia because the Kremlin was already preparing to give these territories to China.

Relations between Russia and China: briefly

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping is planning a spring visit to Russia. Probably, now the Chinese leader is at a crossroads and is trying to choose the most profitable path for himself.
  • Political technologist Boris Tizenhausen stressed that Russia was China's controlled partner even before the war.
  • According to political scientist Oleg Sahakyan, China is now playing a geopolitical game on several boards at once. Moreover, Russia is not a subject in this game, but only a geopolitical asset that Beijing began to bargain with the West.

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