A student was declared “safari” because of a complaint about the Ukrainian language

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A student was declared

A Kharkov student who criticized the requirement to write a term paper in Ukrainian began receiving threats. According to “Strana”, the girl studies and at the same time works in the Emergency Medical Center, now they plan to fire her, despite her pregnancy.

The video, which became resonant, was published by a student named Margarita on Instagram, but later deleted.

“I am writing a term paper in *** Ukrainian. I understand that the Ukrainian government is infringing on me, infringing on my rights. What does it mean – I cannot write my scientific work, in which my conclusions, my conclusions, which describe how I carried out this work, why I cannot write it in Russian. <…> Why are you raping me, my psyche and my nerves, ”said the author of the video.

Because of these words, the student was demanded to be brought to justice, she began to receive threats on social networks. According to “Strana”, unknown persons threaten to pour acid on her, humiliate her on camera and hint at “the beginning of the safari.”

At the disposal of the publication was a recording of Margarita's conversation with the director of the center in which she works. He said that the girl should not have entered a university and got a job in an organization that requires the Ukrainian language. In a conversation with him, Margarita emphasized that she loves Ukraine and the Ukrainian language, and her words concerned only the requirements for the coursework. She also said that she was pregnant, she had only two months left before the decree.

“He said:“ Write your application in an amicable way, otherwise then we will dismiss you under the article. ” I have no idea what article he wants to fire me, but he says that I am an enemy of the Ukrainian people, ”she concluded.

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