“A very uncomfortable situation”: Putin was justified because of missile threats to Johnson

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Peskov says that this is supposedly a lie.

The speaker of the Russian dictator Dmitry Peskov commented on the words of British ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson that Putin threatened him with a missile strike. The Kremlin claims that this is not true, and Johnson's words were called a “lie” there.

The corresponding statement by Speaker Putin was circulated by Russian propaganda media on January 30.

Peskov claims that there are no threats was. In addition, he transferred the responsibility to Johnson, saying that, they say, he “did not understand what Putin was talking about.”

“What Mr. Johnson said is not true. More precisely, it is lies,” the Kremlin speaker responded.

Peskov also outlined his version of events, according to which Putin allegedly stated that Ukraine’s entry into NATO and the potential deployment of missiles near the border of the Russian Federation would mean that, they say, “any missile will fly to Moscow in a matter of minutes.”

“If this passage was perceived in this way, this is a very uncomfortable situation,” Peskov said.

Recall that in the BBC documentary, the former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that Vladimir Putin threatened him with a missile attack during an “emergency” phone call on the eve of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. According to Johnson, Putin told him it “would only take a minute”.

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