A veteran who captured the Cabinet of Ministers with a grenade died in a battle against the Russians


Veteran who captured the Cabinet of Ministers with a grenade died in the battle against the Russians

< p _ngcontent-sc136="" class="news-annotation">ATO veteran Vladimir Prokhnich died in a battle with Russian invaders. He is also known for trying to seize the building of the Cabinet of Ministers with a grenade a year ago.

After the full-scale invasion of Russia, Prokhnych went to war, since there was no guilty verdict yet. This was reported by his comrade Alexander Tretyakov.

Where Prokhnych fought during a full-scale war

The military took part in the battles for Irpin, after which he was transferred to another direction.

Eternal memory, Vladimir. Condolences to family and friends,” wrote Tretyakov.

What is known about the incident in the Cabinet of Ministers

  • On August 4, 2021, Prokhnych came to the Cabinet of Ministers, pulled out a safety ring from a grenade and threatened to blow it up . He ordered two government employees to stay nearby, and the guards to stay away and not use weapons.
  • During the negotiations, the law enforcement officers persuaded him to bring the grenade to a safe state, give it to the police and surrender. However, this decision of Prokhnich was persuaded by his friend.
  • The forensic psychiatric examination recognized the military man as sane and was placed in custody. But later he was released under house arrest due to the need to treat a large number of injuries.

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