A warehouse with 70 tons of grain burned down as a result of an attack by Russians in the South


A warehouse with 70 tons of grain burned down as a result of an attack by Russians in the South

Russians burned 70 tons of Ukrainian grain/Collage of Channel 24

Russian invaders continue to shell Ukrainian territories and terrorize the world with a global food crisis. As a result of the attack of the invaders in the South of Ukraine, a warehouse with 70 tons of grain burned down.

There has not yet been any information about the victims of the shelling. This was reported in the operational command “South” as of 14:00 on June 30.

Kafirs destroyed 70 tons of Ukrainian grain

The OK “South” reported that at dawn on June 30, Russian infidels prepared from a multiple launch rocket system “Smerch” at the city of Zelenodolsk, in the Dnipropetrovsk region, launched a rocket attack on the village of Bolshaya Kostromka, as well as from a heavy cannon artillery shelled other territories. .

Warehouse burned down with 70 tons of grain, agricultural buildings, a village club, several residential buildings of local residents were destroyed. There was no information about the victims, – commented on the cynical blow of the infidels in the operational command.

The current situation in the rest of the territories of the South of Ukraine

According to the current information of the OK “South”, the enemy continues to conduct hostilities, equips positions along additional defense lines and delivers missile strikes on different regions of Ukraine.

Trying to reduce the intensity of missile and artillery strikes of our defenders and defenders on Serpent Island, on the night of June 30, before the invaders hastily fled from it, the enemy twice attacked the Black Sea coast in the south of Odessa region.

For this, the infidels used Su-35 fighters, fired three Kh-31D missiles. Losses and destruction were not recorded, however, OK “South” once again noted the danger of a beach holiday in the region.

Meanwhile, in the Nikolaev region, infidels at night and in the morning fired at Shirokovskaya community – one residential building was destroyed, two more were damaged. Fortunately, there were no casualties. At the same time, during the day, the enemy set up banned cluster munitions in the Ship District of Nikolaev with “Tornados”. No significant damage was recorded, however, the shells were scattered over a large area and are still dangerous.

In the Kherson region, the situation is still tense – in most villages of the Beryslav and Kakhov districts, as well as in the Snigirevka area, it was destroyed or damaged < strong>every second house , roads were broken, bridges were destroyed, sections of the Ingulets River were mined.

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