A way has been invented to save Russians from frequent blackouts

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A way has been invented to save Russians from frequent blackouts

Russian specialists have developed a new control algorithm for a digital substation, which will reduce the frequency of emergency power outages.

The specialists explained that when an accident occurs, an oversupply of capacity is formed in point “a”, and a deficit in point “b”. Emergency automation balances the situation. Then the accident will not develop, and a large number of consumers will not have to be turned off. At best, you don't have to disconnect anyone at all. At the same time, the damage to power grid companies will also be minimal.

It is reported that the feature of the development lies in its scalability. That is, the solution can be applied at any substation – in the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk or Kurgan regions, or even in Kenya. Interfax notes that this development can be bought by all power grid companies.

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