A way to teach a smartphone to see in the dark revealed

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A way to teach a smartphone to see in the dark revealed

Night photography is the only area in photography where smartphone cameras still struggle to compete with professional cameras. Pavel Myasoedov, partner and director of Intellectual Reserve, told the Prime agency about this.

The reason lies in the compact size of the camera. “The sensor in the camera of the phone is very small, and a beam of light, passing through small lenses, hits a matrix consisting of many sensitive pixels,” the specialist explained. The smaller it is, the more compact the elements of which it consists. As a result, the same ray of light hits several pixels at once, leading to image distortion – noise. According to Myasoedov, it is difficult for manufacturers to raise the sensitivity of the matrix, so the quality of night photos and video drops.

However, additional depth sensors like Tof or LiDAR can turn a smartphone into a real night vision device. So, there are special programs – most often the phrase “night vision” appears in their name. In the process of work, they create most often colorless, vector, but separate images within the system.

Usually they are used to quickly determine the distance to objects in order to speed up focusing, but they can be used to teach the gadget to see in the dark. Such programs allow real-time observation of the surrounding space even in pitch darkness, the expert revealed.

Earlier, Myasoedov named ways of tracking the owner of the smartphone: all modern gadgets have a variety of sensors with which they learn information about the user. Thanks to a microphone, camera, gyroscopes and other devices, the smartphone determines whether the user is near the device, whether he is holding it in his hands, and even if he is awake or at rest.

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