A whole KAMAZ with dry rations “disappeared without a trace” from the Russian deputy head of support


A whole KAMAZ with dry rations

Intelligence intercepted the conversation between the occupier and his wife/Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Ukrainian intelligence continues to intercept the telephone conversations of the occupiers and find out the necessary information. According to them, the “second army” of the world is not in the best condition after the meeting with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Russian invader admitted in a conversation with his wife that “the plan did not work and nothing helps.” This demonstrates what condition they are in and how the command treats the occupiers.

They gave some canned food that is impossible to eat. They opened the stew, and there are only chicken butts. KAMAZ with dry rations disappeared into the zampotyl. Now we have nothing to eat, the enemy complains.

He does not praise his command either.

“Listen to our moron President … I said from the first day that this would not lead to the good … The main mess is still ahead … The vaunted calibers-hrinibras do not help anything,” he told his wife.

She also concluded that “the plan did not work.” As a result of the conversation, they began to hope to “reach out until retirement” and leave the army.

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