A wounded woman dragged her beloved, whose arm had been torn off, to shelter: an amazing story from the front


A wounded woman dragged her beloved, whose arm had been torn off, to shelter: an amazing story from the front

Elena and Stanislav met and fell in love at the front. Then they took out the wounded soldiers together and came under mortar fire.

Stanislav tells TSN what happened when they received a call that another defender needed help. However, the couple could not reach the wounded soldier. 24 Channel .

How an injured paramedic saved her fiance

Elena says that they did not have time to reach the car when they came under mortar fire.

Stunned. The body was numb, hardened. But I hear his cries – something must be done, – Elena remembered.

The girl herself was bleeding, her body got debris. However, despite the pain and weakness, she saved Svyatoslav. She notices that she immediately saw that he was seriously injured.

“I tried to put a turnstile with numb hands. And I did everything I could. The hardest thing was to drag it into the dugout. I don't know, it had to be done and that's it. I pulled, threw off the armor, my hands were trembling. I actually would have done this for any person , not only for her fiancé, ”said Elena.

The wounded Elena was able to drag the wounded groom to the dugout / Screenshot from the video

Svyatoslav added that he remembered how the woman held her neck with her finger, and the second one wound the turnstile around him.

The doctors noticed that it was precisely the fact that Elena provided timely assistance and saved Svyatoslav .

Stanislav was very hard. In a coma, his arm was torn off, a lot of debris in his stomach. Elena – a complex wound, a fragment flew into the neck, but everything worked out. Apparently, fate so happened that both of them were lucky. Everything was on time,” the doctor said.

Svyatoslav noted that Elena is a kind person: “There was a road – now it has become even more expensive. I just don’t know how to marry such an injury.”

The couple said that they had already met while defending the country. Previously, Elena was a hairdresser in the Dnipropetrovsk region, but she went to the front as a paramedic. Stanislav served in the National Guard of Ukraine.

They realized their feelings only in the summer of 2022 – after they left the encirclement. Svyatoslav, even before being wounded, proposed to the woman, she agreed.

“It will be safe with me, but it won’t be calm. I have already ordered a dress and the rings are already ready with us. I wanted it beautifully, like a girl,” Elena said.

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