A year ago, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed “Saratov” in Berdyansk: the occupiers finally recognized it


A year ago, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed

The Russians continue to suffer insane losses in the war against Ukraine. A year ago, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the ship “Saratov” in the port of Berdyansk. And the invaders finally recognized it officially.

Our military did effective work on March 24, 2022. They sent the Russian ship “Saratov” to the bottom with an accurate blow. The occupiers, who usually boast that “there are no losses”, this time they were recognized.

They even made a memorial plaque

A year ago, during the conduct of hostilities, we lost a landing ship, the BDK “Saratov”. Lost the personnel of the landing ship “Saratov”, “Novocherkassk”, “Caesar Kuninkov”, – complained the commander of the Crimean base of the fleet of the enemy Felix Menkov.

Recall that after the attack on Saratov, the propaganda media were extremely careful in their statements. They wrote that then “a strong fire broke out, as a result of which it was necessary to sink (the vessel – 24 channels) at the pier.”

A memorial plaque was consecrated to the downgraded “Saratov” / Photo from the city

Note that the sunken Saratov passed the baton to the cruiser Moskva. Yes, the same one that was sent in a certain direction by the defenders of Snake Island. This vessel sank on April 14, 2022.

Let's return to Saratov. The post was dedicated to him by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny. On the anniversary of the meeting of the ship with the seabed, he posted a video. It shows how a Ukrainian missile was fired at a landing craft. After hitting, he flashed festively.

By the way, during the year of the full-scale invasion, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 18 enemy ships. We offer to go through the fresh statistics of the destroyed invaders.

Soon there will be 170 thousand “packages”

  • Only on March 23, our military managed to send 1020 invaders to the next world. In general, since February 24, 2022, the enemy has lost 169,170 of its fighters.
  • Also, 3,574 tanks, 6,921 armored combat vehicles, 2,616 artillery systems, 511 MLRS, 276 air defense systems were turned into scrap metal .
  • And the invaders also had 305 aircraft, 290 helicopters, 2,208 operational-tactical UAVs, 911 cruise missiles, 18 ships, 5,464 cars and tankers, and 277 units of special equipment less.

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