Abortion due to fetal malformation called unconstitutional in Poland

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Abortion due to fetal malformation was called unconstitutional in Poland

The Polish Constitutional Tribunal has called abortions performed due to fetal defects unconstitutional. Writes about it Reuters.

It is noted that such a resolution is actually tantamount to a partial ban on termination of pregnancy. When it comes into force, abortion will only be allowed because of rape, incest, or a threat to the health and life of a woman.

Reuters adds that lately, conservative values have played an increasing role in public life in Poland. This is associated with the coming to power of the “Law and Justice” party.

In 2016, the Polish authorities decided to completely ban abortion. Because of this, there were massive demonstrations of women in the country who opposed the adoption of a law on a complete ban on abortion. The action was called “Black Protest” – the participants, at the call of the organizers, dressed in all black. In addition, using the right to a day of leave at their own discretion, women did not go to work. Men also took part in the rallies.

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