About the murder of Kireev, – Budanov remembered his last conversation with Bakanov


About the murder of Kireev, - Budanov remembered his last conversation with Bakanov

Kirill Budanov stated that he “knows very well the people who executed Kireev.” Regarding this murder, he had a personal conversation with the then head of the SBU, Ivan Bakanov.

On March 5, SBU officers killed Denis Kireev, a staff member of the GUR, throwing his body out of the car onto the road. Budanov said that he talked about this with the then head of the SBU.

How Bakanov explained the murder of Kireev

The head of the GUR, Kirill Budanov, said that he spoke with the then head of the SBU, Ivan Bakanov, regarding the murder of Kireev. According to Budanov, this was the last conversation with him. The head of the GUR said that “he could not really explain anything.”

So far, Budanov has not voiced his guesses as to who and why organized the murder of Kireev. He emphasized that the investigation is being carried out by the DBR.

I think the matter is much deeper. However, I will keep my opinion to myself. Let's just evaluate the facts. The facts are: a person who was driving at the invitation of the SBU to the building of the SBU, 200 meters before reaching the building, is intercepted, taken a little further than to this building, and the corpse is thrown into the street. Here are the facts. That's all,” he said.

At the same time, Budanov stressed that Kireev worked exclusively on orders from Ukrainian intelligence and was not a Russian agent. And these messages about his cooperation with the Russians are an “attempt to defend themselves” from the people who did it.

Also, the head of the GUR refused to comment on the information about whether these people still work in the SBU. Budanov stressed that he has no right to do this, and this question is not for him.

Budanov told how Kireev was killed

  • According to Budanov, on March 5, Kireev was in his office when he was called to the central building of the SBU. A staff member of the GUR went there, accompanied by two internal security officers.
  • About 200 meters to the central building of the SBU, a bus left, Alfa employees ran out shouting “This is the SBU!”, operatives came out and said that they from the SBU and this is the detention.
  • Kireev told everyone to stop. Then he was transferred to a minibus, which did not go to the central building where he was called, but a few blocks away.
  • Then the murder happened. Kireev's body fell out of the minibus. Budanov said that he knew very well those people who “executed him”, but he had no right to comment on this information. But he stressed that they were SBU officers.

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