About Zaluzhny, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Elon Musk and Elizabeth II: what articles became the most popular on Wikipedia


About Zaluzhny, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Elon Musk and Elizabeth II: which articles became the most popular on Wikipedia< /p>

Demand among Ukrainians for the Ukrainian version of Wikipedia is growing. Previously, the Russian version of the site was viewed by 8 times more users than the Ukrainian one, now for every 100 visits to the Ukrainian page – 123 Russian ones.

About this 24 channelssaid the editor of Wikipedia, the executive director of the NGO “Wikimedia Ukraine” Yuriy Peroganych. Earlier it was reported that Tim Cook told how to get a job at Apple.

Ukrainian Wikipedia is becoming more popular

Peroganych noted that the Ukrainian Wikipedia won 15 million views from the Russian in Ukraine. If we talk about the past, then 2 years ago, for 100 views of the Ukrainian Wikipedia, there were 250 views of Russian; a year ago there were already 170; this year already 123.

If it goes on like this, then next year we will overtake Russian, and the popularity of Ukrainian in Ukraine will become higher than Russian,” the Wikipedia editor noted.

The Executive Director of the NGO “Wikimedia Ukraine” added that the trend of decreasing popularity Russian Wikipedia in Ukraine is old. There were periods when Russian was 8 times more popular than Ukrainian. Ukrainians are now, one might say, in a zone of turbulence, because the demand for information is growing.

The most visited Wikipedia pages in Ukraine

He named Wikipedia articles that are most popular among users in Ukraine. In particular, on October 2, the page about Liman was the most popular. In general, the list of the most visited Wikipedia articles in Ukraine is as follows:

  • Elizabeth II, who was viewed 350 thousand times;
  • Russian invasion of Ukraine – 240 thousand times;
  • Ukraine;
  • World War I;
  • DeepStateMap is the most popular map depicting the position of the front;
  • Shahed-136 are drones supplied by Iran to Russia;
  • Valery Zaluzhny;
  • APU;
  • Charles III.

“There is no data yet on the views of Elon Musk's article. There are already memes that his name comes from the Russian plane Il, and Musk is the Russian pronunciation of the word Moscow,” Peroganych emphasized.

Peroganych about see the video

English Wikipedia Views

The Wikipedia editor continued that the popularity of the English Wikipedia has also grown slightly in Ukraine. In September 2021, 15 million pages were reviewed, this year – 18 million.

The English-language Wikipedia is the best and most popular. It has 6.5 million articles, while the Ukrainian one has 1.2 million articles. However, if we talk about the quality and size of our Wikipedia, then it is in 12th place in the world, – said the executive director of the NGO “Wikimedia Ukraine”.

Wikipedia users and editors

According to him, it is impossible to count the number of Wikipedia users, but you can count the devices. In particular, in September, the Ukrainian Wikipedia was reviewed from 14 million devices. The number of editors is precisely known. For September it is 3262 people. Of these, more than 700 people made 10 or more edits, 214 people made more than 100 edits, 31 people made more than 1 thousand edits.

“I would encourage people who notice errors in Wikipedia not to be afraid, look for the button “Edit” and make changes to Wikipedia,” summed up Peroganich.

Events in the world of science and technology: latest news

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  • Google often experiments with various amazing products in Japan. Recently, they released chips again for the second year in a row to advertise future Pixel smartphones, and now they have created another uncomfortable keyboard.
  • An international team of researchers analyzed a very rare diamond found in Botswana, which could have formed at a depth of 659 kilometers. Finally, scientists have come to the conclusion that the boundary between the upper and lower mantle of our planet (the transition zone) contains much more trapped water and carbon dioxide than previously thought.

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