Above the norm by 5-10 degrees: abnormal heat is predicted in Ukraine


Above the norm by 5-10 degrees: abnormal heat is predicted in Ukraine

In some areas of our state, the temperature has again dropped slightly. However, in general, weather forecasters predict abnormal heat in Ukraine this week.

During the week, abnormally warm weather will continue in Ukraine, with occasional rains, and in the West on some days there will be snowfalls and a temporary snow cover will form. This was announced by weather forecaster Igor Kibalchich.

Due to the active intake of air masses of Mediterranean origin, the temperature background is expected to be 5-10 degrees above the norm, Kibalchich said.

He also wrote that since Wednesday, due to the fall in atmospheric pressure and the transformation of the baric field, atmospheric fronts and cyclonic activity are activated. This will lead to rain on the Left Bank, in addition, snow and sleet are possible in the western part.

Interestingly, according to the forecaster, by the end of the second decade of March, the amount of precipitation will decrease due to anticyclone activity and an increase in atmospheric pressure. At the same time, the temperature background will drop by several degrees, especially on the Right Bank.

Also, according to Kibalchich's forecast, the air temperature at Wednesday night will be -1…+5. During the day +8…+14 degrees, in Crimea in some places even up to +17 degrees.

At night on March 16 -1…+5, during the day up to +15. In the southern and eastern regions in some places up to +18, meanwhile in the West, probably 0 … +5.

Note! According to the forecast of Ukrhydrometcenter, the average monthly temperature in March was expected to be only +2…+7, which is 2 degrees above the norm.

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