Absolute record: what bail was assigned to the ex-deputy head of the Ministry of Defense Shapovalov


Absolute record: what bail was assigned to former Deputy Minister of Defense Shapovalov

The court placed a bail on former Deputy Defense Minister Vyacheslav Shapovalov as an alternative to his detention. This amount is 402 million hryvnia.

Thus, this pledge has become the largest in the history of modern Ukraine. This is despite the fact that the court does not suspect Shapovalov of causing damage to the state, for which a heavy punishment is imposed. p>Turning to the criminal code, one can see that the article under which Shapovalov is suspected, namely obstruction of the lawful actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during a special state, is classified as serious. Therefore, the maximum amount of collateral should not exceed the amount of 207 thousand hryvnia. However, the court set a bail of 402 million hryvnia, which is almost 2,000 times more than this figure.

The journalists of the publication noted that Shapovalov's earnings over the past 4 years amounted to 1.5 million hryvnia, or 375 thousand per one year.

This is a thousand times less than the amount of bail ordered by the court, they noted.

Therefore, in order to make such a bail, the ex-deputy minister of defense must work for 1 thousand years, taking into account his salary in his previous position. enrichment

The publication also compared the pledges of the most scandalous Ukrainian defendants in criminal cases in unlawful profit. So, for comparison, the former Minister of Infrastructure Andriy Pivovarsky, suspected of causing damage to the state in the amount of 30 million US dollars, or more than 1 billion hryvnias, the court set a bail of only 10 million hryvnias.

While Shapovalov, who is not even suspected of illegal enrichment, must post a bail almost 40 times larger than Pivovarsky.

Shapovalov takes the lead in terms of the amount of bail that ordered the court/Infographic “Apostrophe”

In addition, the millionaire Boris Kaufman, whom the court suspects of creating a criminal group, was also declared a much smaller bail than the ex-Deputy Minister of Defense. This amount was almost 4 times less than Shapovalov's deposit and amounted to 129 million hryvnia. This is despite the fact that Kaufman owns assets of 220 million US dollars.

The authors of this material note that one should not look for logic in such decisions. According to them, the amount of bail for the accused lies “not only in the norms of the law, but also in the current market exchange rate.”

What is known about the case of Vyacheslav Shapovalov< /h2>

  • In February 2023, the court arrested former Deputy Defense Minister Vyacheslav Shapovalov. He was chosen as a preventive measure in the form of detention with an alternative to a multimillion-dollar bail.
  • According to the materials of the DBR investigation, the official promoted the conclusion of contracts for the purchase of products for the military at inflated prices, as well as poor quality ammunition. All contracts were concluded by full subscription.
  • Before that, Shapovalov himself resigned in January 2023 amid a procurement scandal from the Ministry of Defense. It was he who was responsible for the rear allowance of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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