Academician Gunzburg expects that the vaccine

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Academician Gunzburg expects that the vaccine

One of the key questions of mass vaccination against covid still remains – how long the protection against one or another vaccine will last. It is known that the level of antibodies in vaccinated people, as well as in those who have been ill, decreases over time. But scientists expect that at this moment the protective function of immunity against coronavirus infection does not disappear, but is transferred to the cellular memory. Which, in the event of a meeting with an infection, recognizes it and tells the body to re-develop antibodies.

Many people who are fond of laboratory diagnostics can observe this mechanism for themselves: if after an illness or vaccination, after months a smooth drop in the level of antibodies began, at some point, when they have already become close to negative values, analyzes can record their sharp increase (not necessary, but this is a very real scenario). This means that you most likely came into contact with the source of the infection and, perhaps, did not even know about it. And the body understood and turned on antibody protection.

Academician Gunzburg expects that the vaccine

– I have a hope that the vaccine will not work for a year or two, but for life. I injected myself twice, well, live there – five, ten years, longer. As I say, I will leave my antibodies in my will to my descendants, – this is how the head of the National Research Center for Epidemiology named after V.I. Gamalei Alexander Gunzburg to Interfax.

According to the scientist, to test the duration of immunity, those who have a drop in antibody levels are revaccinated (boosted) as part of a special study again:

– If their antibody response is restored to a protective one on the second or third or fourth day, it means that they have formed memory cells. This means that their immune response has survived after the primary vaccination, – explains the academician.

To date, there is no strictly scientific answer to how long an already acquired immunity will work, given that viruses are the fastest-changing organisms on the planet. It is possible that one day the virus mutates so strongly that our immune system simply will not be able to “recognize” it.

As for the strains of the new coronavirus currently circulating in Russia, Sputnik V successfully copes with them. The Ministry of Health and the developers of the vaccine say carefully about the duration of its action that immunity should last for two years. And that's two years that you are protected from the severe complications of covid, the possibility of death from it. It is possible that the vaccine will last longer, but so far this is only speculation.

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