According to the laws of wartime: what Putin is preparing Russia for and what Ukrainians can expect


According to the laws of wartime: what Putin is preparing Russia for and what Ukrainians can expect

It hasn't been a month since the “annexation holiday” and the hysterical “let's go”, and Russia has already officially recognized that unable to keep the occupied Ukrainian lands under its control.

For several days, Russian propagandists secretly reported on the next meeting of the Russian Security Council and Putin's almost historic decisions. Most experts expected the declaration of a full-fledged martial law and the abandonment of the term “partial” in favor of the full mobilization taking place in Russia.

Putin with a serious face announced martial law on the territory of the Russian-occupied parts of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. What does this mean and why is it actually blurring of the eye?Let's start with the fact that the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions are integral parts of sovereign Ukraine, and Putin and no one else in Russia has any right to declare or announce anything about them. Parts of these regions are temporarily occupied territories, but this does not change anything from the point of view of law.

Ukraine introduced wartime throughout the state on February 24, 2022, and it is according to this decision that everything should happen there.

The declaration by the Russians of a full-fledged martial law would be appropriate in the Belgorod and Voronezh regions or in the Krasnodar Territory. These territories are now being actively shelled by the soldiers of the Russian army, and when they cannot launch missiles at the civilian homes of their fellow citizens, they ram them with aircraft. At the same time, Russia does not even turn on air raid alerts there, and this proves that these are not “evil Ukrainians shooting”, but full-fledged “friendly fire” is being conducted and sometimes “artillery hits friendly people”.

In these and other territories bordering Ukraine, as well as in the temporarily occupied Crimea and Sevastopol, a bizarre “medium level of response” will be introduced.

How Russians interpret “medium response” laws:

  • strengthening the protection of public order and ensuring public safety;
  • Temporary resettlement of residents to safe areas with the mandatory provision of stationary or temporary accommodation;
  • Introduction and enforcement of a special regime for entering and leaving the territory , as well as restriction of freedom of movement on it;
  • restriction of the movement of vehicles and the implementation of their inspection;
  • The introduction of control over the work of objects that ensure the functioning of transport, communications and communications, the work of printing houses, computer centers and automated systems, the use of their work for defense.

How it will work

Everything is the same that used to be almost all over Russia, it's just that now it has a name. Of course, to this will be added the “excesses on the ground” traditional for Russians, a mess, corruption, the arbitrariness of people in uniforms and Kadyrov's Tik-Tokers, and also the long-awaited official “closure of Crimea” and the no less long-awaited completion of “partial mobilization” and the beginning of non-partial . This is how quietly Putin makes you feel what a real war is, an increasing number of his own subjects. And, of course, he brings his end closer.

The Open Secret

The Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia are now the scene of active hostilities, and therefore, a priori, they live in wartime conditions – in Russian occupation. Now terrorist orders have been established there, the inhabitants of the occupied cities are actually hostages of the Russians, and the Russians themselves have committed many war crimes there.

Thus, even for the occupiers, Putin's words do not change much, and may even in their eyes become a kind of indulgence and permission for genocide.

What then changes?The invaders have long allowed themselves to kidnap people in the occupied territories and “mobilize” them into the army (ie, to certain death). However, this process has been going on for a long time in the Donbass (it seems that almost all the men were taken away and disposed of there), now, according to Russian strategists, the turn has come to pick up the baton for the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, but there “mobilization has failed completely.” And the invaders did not restrain their cruelty anyway and acted as their vision of “wartime” suggests.

Substitution of concepts

Putin solemnly announced only in September that the occupied Ukrainian lands are now Russia, then Russian patriots expected that now they would finally “start”, because before that they simply had not started yet (but had already lost tens of thousands of soldiers dead).

Subsequently, it turned out that this was just a pun and a bluff, the nuclear blackmail failed, and the only answer was Iranian drone attacks and missile terror, which were supposed to provoke a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine, but accelerated the supply of modern air defense in industrial quantities.


Now, with the words about “martial law”, Putin offers to actively die for “new Russian lands”.

And this means that even more people will flee Russia, but even more poor fellows will be mobilized by force and sent to die in Ukraine under the slogan of protection of who knows what. And, most importantly for the Russians, for nothing, because they will not receive the promised money for their service.

Now the Kremlin has to pay 455 billion rubles to their families for only 65,000 “two hundredth” invaders. Of course, there is no such money, so Russian aggression is increasingly reminiscent of the MMM scam, where instead of advertising with Lenya Golubkov, there is an attempt to sell them patriotism. Only one of the junior operators of the process has not changed – Mr. Pushilin, the former leader of the “scammer” Donetsk branch.

Illusion of control

With this statement, Putin pretends to be in control of the situation and even announces the rules of the game, however, this is just nonsense. In fact, the initiative, and hence the privilege, to announce the rules belongs to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and therefore everything will be as Kyiv decides. There are no other options.

In fact, now Russia has simply admitted that it cannot protect the occupied lands and cannot fulfill its policy promise “we are here forever” – now the Russians are facing “difficult decisions” and new “steps of goodwill”. However, now they will be carried out already in “wartime conditions”.

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