“Act of suicide”: military expert assessed Russia's potential for a new offensive


"Act of Suicide": Military Expert Appreciates Russia's Potential for New Offensive

According to Western analysts, Russia is preparing a second offensive in the coming months. The Ukrainian military is ready for such a development of events and will not give the Russians any chance.

Military expert Petr Chernik told this Channel 24. The only resource left in Russia is soldiers, but without technical equipment and weapons, they will not be effective on the battlefield.

Chernik noted that the offensive of the Russians, including assault operations, continues every day. The enemy stepped up forces in the area of ​​Ugledar, Bakhmut. Therefore, one should talk about a second offensive in the context of a possible offensive against the capital, as it was at the beginning of the war.

The Russians have forces for an offensive. They definitely have the human potential to throw a few tens of thousands more for slaughter,” Chernik added.

Russians have problems with equipment< /h2>

The Russians have significant problems with armored vehicles and air cover, the expert noted. He recalled that at the beginning of a full-scale war, the Russians broke in unexpectedly and had a well-prepared potential and good armored vehicles, but even then Ukraine fought back.

Since that time, Chernik emphasized, the level of Ukrainian air defense increased by a multiple.

All planes that enter the airspace will definitely be shot down. By this moment, the Russian offensive seems to be a specific act of suicide,” the expert noted. class=”news-subtitle cke-markup” dir=”ltr”>What is the purpose of the re-offensive

Russia confirms the words of Cicero: “The closer the collapse of the empire, the crazier its actions,” the military expert noted. He is convinced that the enemy does not have a great offensive potential, but he can resort to a second offensive in order to pull back as many Ukrainian forces and means as possible.

According to Chernik, in Belarus and in the northern the border with Russia in total is about 30-35 thousand personnel. Ukraine already has experience in repelling such an attack, the defense on the border is built, so the Russians should not expect positive results from the offensive.

In my opinion, the overall result is as follows: the enemy is trying to get to the point of freezing this conflict and stopping at a certain line of demarcation, because he is well aware that in the spring he will have real problems, both military-technological and financial, – summed up Chernik.< /p>

Possibility of another Russian offensive: expert opinions

  • NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is convinced that Vladimir Putin has not abandoned its purpose. The enemy can mobilize more than 200,000 soldiers. In addition, he buys weapons and ammunition from the same Iran and North Korea.
  • NSDC Secretary Alexei Danilov predicts a new Russian offensive in February-March.
  • The Institute for the Study of War reports that Russia preparing for a protracted war in Ukraine. Experts also suggest that Putin may conduct a strategic operation in the next six months.
  • The Belarusian military is afraid of drawing Belarus into the war. Belarusian oppositionist Natalya Radina suggests that a second offensive from Belarus is a matter of time.

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