Activist and volunteer Litinsky came with searches: what the police say


The activist and volunteer Litinsky came with searches: what the police say

Activist and volunteer from Lviv, Sviatoslav Litinsky, said on September 8 that searches had come to his house.< /p>

On Channel 24, the volunteer said that he was not at home. The wife opened the door to the security forces.

Why searches are carried out at the volunteer's house

At first they said that they had come to hand over the summons, when the wife opened the door, they showed the decision to be searched.

In such a fraudulent way, they entered the house and, in the end, they did not hand over the summons, but the decision to search. From it, I understood that the Kyiv police accuse the church, represented by the chaplain, of selling humanitarian aid. I have nothing to do with it at all,” Litinsky explained.

Litinsky does not understand why they came to him with searches, if the chaplain is suspected. According to the activist, this chaplain is now at the front. The activist himself never drove cars for him. The volunteer added that he was conducting a public collection and reporting on all the money spent.

The head of the Lviv OVA reacted to the searches

The head of the Lviv OVA reacted to the searches at the house of a well-known activist Maksim Kozitsky. He stated that the Kyiv police and the Department for the Protection of the Interests of Society and the State of the National Police of Ukraine are dealing with the matter.

The Lviv OVA is on the side of truth and justice. The investigation must be objective. Volunteers make a big contribution to the stability of Ukraine every day,” Kozitsky said.

What the police say

Journalists of Channel 24 applied to the police of Kyiv region for comment . The spokesperson for the department, Irina Pryashnikova, said that the Main Directorate of the National Police of the Kyiv region did not carry out searches at the Lviv volunteer. Representatives of which law enforcement agency visited Litinskoye – she does not know.

What the Kyiv police say about searches at volunteers' homes

Marina Tsybchenko, the investigative department of the police in Kyiv, said that law enforcement officers allegedly exposed a criminal scheme where men appropriated humanitarian aid.

They allegedly sold cars that came to Ukraine as humanitarian aid from foreign countries for profit and were intended for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

All investigative actions are continuing, including searches at the place of residence of volunteers in Kyiv, the Kyiv region and Lvov.

The police have begun criminal proceedings and men are threatened with 5 to 7 years in prison. The issue of reporting suspicion to them is also being resolved.

Briefly about Litinsky

  • Litinsky is a well-known defender of the Ukrainian language. In 2020, he was a candidate for the position of language ombudsman.
  • The activist sued many Ukrainian politicians who spoke a foreign language during speeches. Among them is former Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.
  • It was Litinsky who was the first Ukrainian to receive an internal passport without a Russian-language page.

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