Advertising of the new flagships Google Pixel 6 “leaked” to the network before the announcement of smartphones

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Advertising of the new flagships Google Pixel 6

The announcement of the new flagships of Google – Pixel 6 and 6 Pro – will take place only on October 19, i.e. day after tomorrow. But despite this, the network has already managed to “leak” a commercial for the upcoming new products.

From the video, we can learn about some of the previously unknown functions of smartphones. For example, the device has learned to automatically “remove” unwanted objects from photos. At the same time, Google did not forget to boast in the video and the new Tensor chip, developed within the walls of the company itself.

A special emphasis was placed on the security of user data. For this business, a special hub was even created in smartphones.

We will remind that earlier information about the prices of the Pixel 6 line appeared on the network. So, the cost of the basic version of the smartphone will start from 649 euros (54 thousand rubles), and the Pro version from 899 euros (74 thousand rubles).

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