Aerial reconnaissance in action: how our drones leave the invaders no chance


Aerial reconnaissance in action: how our drones leave the invaders no chance

Ukrainian intelligence uses new technologies. The skill of our scouts allows us to significantly reduce the consumption of artillery supplies and increase their efficiency. – call sign “Abdul”. Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance has a special motivation because it protects its land.

According to Volokhov, modern war is, first of all, a war of artillery and missile systems. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Ukraine, although it had a certain supply of artillery shells, was rapidly spending it. There is no way to restore it on its own, the allies help Ukraine with this.

The West itself determines how much ammunition, self-propelled guns, cannon artillery, etc. it can provide us . By our own efforts, we can increase the efficiency of their use, – the military emphasized.If the fire is fired without correction, you need to use about 100 barrel artillery ammunition. If with adjustment, 10 is often enough, the scout emphasized.

Volokhov explained that artillery systems are extremely difficult to purchase, DJI drones used by scouts can be bought at the store.

Volokhov on the effectiveness of aerial reconnaissance: watch the video

Domination over Russia

In aerial reconnaissance, Ukraine is significantly superior to the enemy, the military emphasized. This is due to the initiative of the Ukrainians, because our scouts are defending their land.

The Russians are trying to copy our achievements, they also buy DJI drones, but they don’t succeed because it comes from under duress. – the military emphasized.

At the same time, the stories of successful Ukrainian UAVs are the stories of people who themselves showed initiative, bought drones, independently came to a certain tactic of work and help inflict crushing blows on the enemy .

The West increases military aid to Ukraine

  • France and Italy have decided to supply 700 missiles for the SAMP-T air defense system.
  • France will also send additional Caesar self-propelled artillery mounts. Also, France and Australia agreed on the joint production of 155-millimeter shells to help Ukraine. They plan to produce several thousand of such ammunition.
  • The Foreign Ministry said that Ukraine could receive the first 100 Western tanks within three months.

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