Afraid to pass where bombs fall because you want to live – a displaced person from Mariupol


Are you afraid to pass where the bombs fall, because you want to live – a displaced person from Mariupol

A displaced person from Mariupol spoke about life in the city/Photo 24 channel

The wife of the defender of Mariupol, Oksana Dubik, got out of the city with her father on March 21. She told how it is to live in a blocked Mariupol under constant shelling.


Oksana Dubik admitted that the worst thing for her was to watch the destruction of the Azovstal plant, where her husband was. She spoke about this in an interview for the SVOI project on channel 24.

“Your relatives are there, but you can't help “: Elena about the shelling of Azovstal

The family lives in a private house, not far from Azovstal, from where the plant is clearly visible.

You understand that your relatives are there, these bombs are falling all the time, something is burning all the time. And you look and you can not help. Apparently, because of this, it was scary, – said Dubik.

She was also worried about relatives and friends who live outside the city and could not contact her. She was worried that they didn't know she was fine.

It was also scary because there was no connection. And you are alive, there is food, there is water, no matter what they say. Because we have Malofontannaya Street, there are such springs from under the mountain. Therefore, people from half of the city came to us to take water. We got news from them. Or from the military who came there. But there was no connection, – she said.

How Mariupol residents survived the blow to the Drama Theater

On March 16, the Russians dropped a powerful bomb on the Drama Theater in Mariupol. At that moment, hundreds of local residents were hiding there. Elena Dubik said that at first she did not know that the enemies dropped a bomb on the Drama Theater. People knew that the bomb hit somewhere where there were a lot of people in the vault.

You realize you don't know if anyone survived there or not. But you can't even go help because you're afraid to leave that area, and you're not sure you'll get there at all. There is fear. And the people who helped dig up someone, they are also heroes. I'm not one of the cowardly, but fear still somehow squeezes. You are afraid to pass where bombs fall, because you want to live. And I don't want to die, it's just stupid. If you die defending the country, that's one thing. And if from their bombs, on their territory … It was terrible when they said that they had bombed the Drama Theater, – the woman recalled.

Remembering the Drama Theater, tears came to Oksana's eyes. that, trying to hide their crimes, the invaders themselves dismantled the rubble and took away the bodies of the dead. It is still unknown how many of them managed to escape, and how many did not. The building is seriously damaged.

Oksana also confirmed that many people were hiding there – she saw them with her own eyes.

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