After Bucha, there is no desire to negotiate, but we will have to talk, – Zelensky


After But there is no desire to negotiate, but we will have to say, – Zelensky

Vladimir Zelensky/OP questioned by a Turkish channel about whether Vladimir Zelensky still sees a window for negotiations with Russia after all the atrocities committed, the head of state said that he would have to talk.

He noted that Ukraine must, in any case, to find even the smallest opportunities for the negotiation process, because without this, in his opinion, it is difficult to end the war.

We must fight for people's lives

There is no desire to negotiate with Russia after what we have seen. Because we understand who we are dealing with. But no matter how we want or don’t want negotiations, we are fighting for people and must take daily steps to save their lives,” Zelensky said.

He explained that for this reason, one or another will carry out the mediation mission leaders. Among them is Turkey. He also said that in order to evacuate people and carry out the operation now being discussed, Turkey is performing an intermediary mission, since it is planned to evacuate people on Turkish ships.

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