After losses in Ukraine, the PKK “Wagner” is recruiting mercenaries en masse abroad – media


After losses in Ukraine, the Wagner PPK is recruiting mercenaries en masse abroad, – media

Russian PKK “Wagner” is looking for mercenaries outside the aggressor state. The reason is the insane losses in the war in Ukraine.

Mercenaries are being sought in Turkey, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Canada, and Latin American countries. Journalists write about this, referring to their own sources.

Russian mercenaries are suffering heavy losses due to the general disorganization in the Russian armed forces.

They promise “mountains of gold”

Due to the hopeless situation, mercenary candidates are being offered salaries twice as high as they were before the war. They reach 10 thousand dollars a month.

Sources of the publication say that they usually hire people with solid combat experience, but now they are trying to reach out to everyone who is ready to kill and needs money.

Prisoners are also being recruited

It is noted that the Wagner campaign is also carried out through Russian oligarchs living in Europe. We are talking about those associated with the underworld.

Also, in recent months, evidence has been multiplying that Wagner is recruiting new mercenaries among prisoners serving long terms in Russian prisons. In addition to money, they were promised a pardon from the president.

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