After the Olympic scandal: rider in the crosshairs of the judiciary


After the Olympic scandal: rider in the crosshairs of the judiciary

Annika Schleu with the horse Saint Boy.

Pentathlete Annika Schleu hit her horse with a whip at the Olympic Games. After the scandal, the public prosecutor is investigating.

The Potsdam public prosecutor's office is investigating the modern pentathlete Annika Schleu and the German national trainer Kim Raisner after a complaint by the Animal Welfare Association for animal cruelty. “After establishing initial suspicions, we started investigations against both of them,” confirmed the public prosecutor's office, Sebastian Thiele, on Monday. The investigation would be conducted because of the accused's place of residence in the Potsdam authority.

The German Animal Welfare Association had filed a criminal complaint against the Moderne Schleu and Raisner after incidents at the Olympic Games. As the organization announced, it accuses Schleu of cruelty to animals and Raisner of aid to cruelty to animals because of the events at the equestrian competition. The horse drawn by Schleu had refused in the course in Tokyo, Raisner had the crying Berliner with the words “Hit it!” prompted to use the device. Schleu missed insight in subsequent interviews, criticized the Animal Welfare Association.

In an interview with the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” Schleu then defended himself against the accusation that she had tortured her horse in a competition. “I did not treat the horse extremely harshly. I had a crop that was checked beforehand. Just like the spurs. I am really not aware of any cruelty to animals,” said the 31-year-old.

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