After the victory, the Ukrainian “Stugna” will become a bestseller in the arms market, – military expert


After the victory, the Ukrainian

Katkov about the “Stugna” phenomenon/Channel 24 collage

After the victory, the world will definitely buy up the Ukrainian Stugna anti-tank missile system. The Armed Forces work real miracles with the help of this beauty.


This Channel 24 was told by Defense Express Editor-in-Chief and military expert Oleg Katkov. He notes – nobody has ever shot down helicopters in the air with an anti-tank missile system.

The Ukrainian military was able to destroy Russian Ka-52 helicopters twice from the Stugna. There are two documentary evidence. It's funny that Ka-52s have a warning system if laser aiming is brought to the device. But that didn't save them from the Stugna.

Nobody has ever trained to shoot down helicopters from the Stugna. It was impossible. If Oleg Petrovich Korostelev (head of the Luch Design Bureau) had been asked a year ago if it was realistic to shoot down a helicopter from the Stugna, he would have smiled, patted his shoulder and said: “If you're lucky.” And here there are two cases at once,” notes Katkov.

“Stugna” will be an absolute world bestseller

According to the military expert, “Stugna” was popular among ATGMs on the arms market even before the war. It costs quite a bit of money – 5 times cheaper than Javelin . According to Katkov, “Stugna” also destroyed more equipment than the American counterpart, judging by the number of videos.

In addition, the remote control concept, where the operator sits up to 50 meters away from the trigger, has proven to be effective. This helps not only to protect the military, but also to capture on video the moment of destruction of enemy equipment.

These videos of how we smoke Russian tanks are of great importance. It not only lifts our spirits. Enemies see it too. And the Russian tankers understand what will happen to them. This is a huge demoralizing factor for the enemy,” Oleg Katkov noted.

Besides, with the help of such videos, it will be even easier to sell Stugna. After all, potential customers will calmly see this anti-tank system in action: both against the T-90 and the BTR-80, which drove perpendicular to the missile, but it still caught up with it.

Let's add a video using the Stugna anti-tank system actively spread in the first months of the war, when the invaders liked to move in columns in the North, East, and South of Ukraine. Now there are fewer such videos, because the war has changed somewhat. However, the video still appears. Recently, the Ukrainian military knocked out another tank in the Kherson region with the help of Stugni.

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