“After the war, we will do everything humanly”: Gaidai spoke about a mass grave for 150 bodies


Gaidai spoke about the mass grave for 150 bodies in Lisichansk/Collage 24 channels

Russians continue to commit war crimes against civilians in Donbas. In Lisichansk, in the Luhansk region, the police are forced to bury people in a mass grave. 150 bodies have already been buried there.

This was announced by the head of the Lugansk OVA Serhiy Gaidai. On his Facebook page, he published a terrible video of the graves of Ukrainians who died from enemy attacks.

Police officers replaced funeral homes in Lysychansk

The funeral of the dead residents of Lysichansk representatives of the National Police of the Luhansk region are involved. Law enforcement officers temporarily perform the duties of many services in the Luhansk region, in particular, a separate funeral team was specially formed.

In one of the districts of Lisichansk, 150 people are now buried in a mass grave. The head of the Lugansk regional military-civilian administration stressed that after the war the bodies would be reburied and everything would be done “humanely”. deaths of citizens and carry out burials of people in a mass grave. After the war, relatives will be able to reburial. Law enforcement officers issue documents to the relatives of the victims, which will subsequently make it possible to obtain death certificates,” Sergey Gaidai explained.

Burial in a mass grave in one of the districts of Lisichansk: watch the video (18+)

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