After UAF strikes, Russia withdraws equipment from Crimea and strengthens air defense – ISW


After UAF strikes, Russia withdraws equipment from Crimea and strengthens air defense, – ISW< /p>

The command of the Russian army continues to export equipment from the territory of the occupied Crimea. This is probably due to a series of “pops” that swept the peninsula.

This assumption was made on August 26 by analysts at the Washington Institute for the Study of War ISW. According to them, the Russians began to strengthen their air defense systems in Crimea, since the current ones turned out to be ineffective against drones.

What equipment is Russia exporting from Crimea

While it is known that two types of aircraft have already fallen under the redeployment of forces on the territory of Russia. From there:

  • six Su-35S fighters;
  • four MiG-31BM interceptors.

In particular, such information was published in the German Business Insider. The journalists referred to a secret NATO report, which they obtained access to from their own sources. This document also indicated that the occupiers were recalling ten of their fighters to the mainland.

How Crimea's air defense is being strengthened

As for air defense, it, first of all, cannot cope with small unmanned aerial vehicles devices. American analysts point out that the strengthening of air defense is necessary “to counter Ukrainian strikes.” However, it is important that Ukraine has not officially confirmed a single case of a strike against enemy targets in Crimea.

However, sometimes the Ministry of Defense trolls Russians after another “clap”. which began to “bloom” there. But all our partners and allies say that any strikes on the military facilities of the peninsula are legal. After all, Crimea was, is and will be the territory of our state.

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