After victory, de-Russification must be total, – Danilov


After victory, derusification should be total, – Danilov

Danilov on de-Russification/Channel 24 collage . And after the victory we will have a total de-Russification. Ukraine will not make concessions.

NSC Secretary Oleksiy Danilov spoke exclusively about this on Channel 24.

In his opinion, after derusification should be total victory.

It was our mistake when in 1991 we made concessions and started democratic discussions on the Russian language. It was necessary to immediately cut off this “hydra” from ourselves, we would already live in peace in a state that would be related to the EU and NATO. – said Danilov.

The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council believes that it was precisely such “fluctuations” in different directions that brought Ukrainians a lot of harm.

“The year 2004 also did a lot of harm to us, when we agreed to change our Constitution, because for some reason Russia wanted to. By the way, Viktor Medvedchuk was directly involved in writing that Constitution“, Danilov emphasized.

It is also necessary that our law enforcement agencies treat, for example, Saldo, who is the main collaborator, responsibly.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of such “balances”. They need to be removed in a legal way so that they do not interfere with the construction of our state. There is love for Russia – please, with love – for Russia, – said Danilov.

Help! Former mayor of Kherson Vladimir Saldo expressed support for Russia. In particular, he was noticed at a pro-Russian rally with forbidden Soviet symbols. He also actively advocated the promotion of Russian ideas in the Kherson region.

The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council noted that now the issue of the situation at the front is No. 1. “However, later on, 'hands will reach' all those who dealt with the Kharkov agreements and the like. Nothing will pass to these people, they will be responsible for everything,” he replied.

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By the way, President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that Ukrainians now associate the Russian language only with the horrific crimes that the enemies committed on our land. According to him, Russia and its kafirs themselves are doing everything for de-Russification to take place on the territory of Ukraine. “For one generation and forever. This is another manifestation of your suicidal policy,” the President said. h2>

  • At the same time, the Kyiv City State Administration emphasized that now it is necessary to completely get rid of everything hostile, in particular, finally de-Russify our cities. There are many outstanding heroes in Ukraine, whose names we should long ago name the streets, squares and cities. There is already a discussion in the department on renaming metro stations, streets, etc.
  • And on May 14, a decision was made to decommunize the name of the Peoples' Friendship Arch. Now it will be called the Arch of Freedom of the Ukrainian people. Vitali Klitschko noted that the city council approved more than 40 monuments and memorial signs that will be removed from the streets.
  • Zhukov Avenue will be renamed in Kharkiv. Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov said he was ready for this, although even before Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, there was a different opinion.
  • At the same time, streets with Russian names were counted in Kharkiv. According to the results, almost 260 streets were named after geographical objects and administrative units of the aggressor state, which is twice as many as the names associated with the geography of Ukraine.
  • In Nikolaev, a monument to Russian Alexander Pushkin, who was at the intersection Pushkinskaya and Naberezhnaya streets. The authorities of the city and the region said they did not know anything about the mysterious disappearance of the monument.

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