After Zelensky Truss, I immediately spoke with Biden: the main topic is a joint confrontation with Russia


After Zelensky Truss, I immediately spoke with Biden: the main topic – is a joint confrontation with Russia< /p>

Joe Biden congratulated Liz Truss on her new position. Both leaders pledged to strengthen the US-UK partnership, including in confronting Russia.

After talking with Volodymyr Zelensky, new British Prime Minister Liz Truss had a telephone conversation with US President Joe Biden.

The parties are equally committed to stopping Putin

Before, Biden congratulated Truss on leading the Conservative Party and becoming British Prime Minister. After that, the parties moved on to serious conversations and singled out a special role for Ukraine.

I look forward to deepening the special relationship between our countries and working closely to address global challenges, including continued support for Ukraine in its defense against Russian aggression,” Biden tweeted.

The Prime Minister said in a statement that she looks forward to “working closely with President Biden as the leader of free democracies to address common challenges, especially the extreme economic problems resolved by Putin's war.”

The White House said the two leaders have discussed continuing close cooperation with Ukraine.

What else did politicians talk about

  • On addressing the problems created by China
  • On preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons
  • And on providing sustainable and affordable energy resources.
  • Also, Biden and Truss discussed deepening cooperation with NATO and the security agreement between the US, Australia and the UK, concluded last year in opposition to China.

At the same time, the sources of the publication report that Biden and “common commitment” to defend the achievements of the Belfast Agreement (Good Friday Agreement).

The Belfast Agreement

The Peace Agreement to end the conflict in Northern Ireland, concluded on 10 April 1998 between the Governments of the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, is secured major parties in Northern Ireland. In particular, the agreement states that Northern Ireland remains part of the UK, but in the future the local population will have the right to decide, by majority vote, the issues of uniting the island.

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