Again for the old: Macron once again spoke about the need for dialogue with Putin


Back to the past: Macron once again spoke about the need for dialogue with Putin

Despite the fact that France supports the Ukrainian people in the war against Russian aggression. The head of the country, Emmanuel Macron, is still convinced that it is necessary to maintain a dialogue with the aggressor country.

Macron made the corresponding statement in a new interview with the Spanish media. The French leader also tried to justify his words that “there is no need to humiliate the Russians.”

Macron has repeatedly advocated a dialogue with Putin before. According to him, they have not been in contact in recent weeks, but kept in touch regularly before and after Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Cities don't change, geography doesn't change. You can fight with leaders, ideas, projects. We do it decisively, without ambiguity or hypocrisy. But in the long term, neighboring countries need to know how to find ways and means to restore peace. When this happens,” Macron said.

He noted that by his actions he had already shown that France stands next to the Ukrainian people, military assistance and sanctions most of all.

“There is no ambiguity, but we must maintain the ability to dialogue,” Macron added.

Important! France Emmanuel Macron promised to provide Ukraine with AMX-10 RC light tanks and ACMAT Bastion armored personnel carriers. This will greatly help the Ukrainian army.

Macron tried to tolerate Putin

  • Emmanuel Macron seems to have become the record-breaking telephone call since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion. conversations with Putin among foreign leaders.
  • Especially often, Macron spoke with the Kremlin dictator at the beginning of the invasion.
  • In the Ukrainian media space, the topic of telephone conversations between the French president and the Russian dictator has become a meme.
  • Especially because these conversations were empty and ineffective. Why the French leader still believes that it is possible to agree on something with Putin is not clear. The Russian dictator does not seek peace – this is the main reason why such efforts are in vain.

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