Agendas are a common practice: the Kremlin tried to clumsily disown mobilization


Agendas are a common practice: the Kremlin tried to clumsily disown mobilization

Russia continues to lie about mobilization in their country. In the Kremlin, the dispatch of subpoenas is already being called “common practice.”

According to Putin's aide Dmitry Peskov, a new wave of mobilization in Russia allegedly “is not discussed.” This is reported by the propaganda media. 24 Channel.

The Kremlin again disowned the mobilization

Peskov, probably already tired of responding to the mobilization, that he said so that they had already “repeatedly” answered this question. Putin's ward again disowned and dumped all responsibility on the military registration and enlistment offices.

We have repeatedly answered this question on mobilization. We don't have any discussions about this. As for updating the database, its refinement is, I repeat, a permanent job. For all the details, you can contact the military registration and enlistment offices and the Ministry of Defense for clarification directly,” Peskov said.

Note that all Peskov's statements about mobilization are a complete lie. Since lately, Russians have been increasingly reporting the delivery of subpoenas in the regions to clarify the data.

So, in three regions of Russia – the Lipetsk, Penza and Voronezh regions – they began to send summonses to the military registration and enlistment office to local residents. However, the dictator's spokesman believes that this is all “common practice.”

“Of course, all data should be clarified, updated. Within this framework, constant work is underway,” Peskov said.

Russia wants to recruit another 400,000 soldiers

Vladimir Putin does not have enough manpower, so he plans to recruit another 400,000 contract soldiers into the army.

As it became known, from April 1, 2023, the second wave of recruitment of contract soldiers into the army will begin on the territory of Russia. It should be said that for this, even the Ministry of Defense of the enemy state sent documents to the regions stating the number of people who need to be called up for service.

By the way, residents of the Voronezh region complained that since mid-February, they began to be more actively handed subpoenas. The authorities of the region tried to explain this by the need to “exclusively update the data of military records.”

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