Aggressive breast cancer suggested to be treated with aspirin

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Aggressive breast cancer suggested to be treated with aspirin

Aggressive breast cancer suggested to be treated with aspirin

Aspirin may help fight cancer, scientists said. This inexpensive and widely available drug enhances the effects of immunotherapy, according to The Guardian.

The research is carried out by representatives of the Christie NHS Foundation Trust (Manchester, USA). They are studying the effect of aspirin on patients with triple negative breast cancer, an aggressive and difficult to treat malignant neoplasm.

Previous experiments have shown that aspirin can increase the effectiveness of certain types of immunotherapy. It prevents malignant tumors from producing substances that suppress the body's immune response. In addition, the drug has an anti-inflammatory effect.

In a new study, scientists decided to divide the volunteers into two groups. All participants will receive avelumab, but some will be given aspirin and others will not.

“Anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin may be the key to making immunotherapy more effective. We hope that when combined with immunotherapy, aspirin can enhance the effect and ultimately provide a new, safe way to treat breast cancer, ”the scientists noted.

Three times negative breast cancer is a less common but more aggressive variant of the tumor. It mainly affects young women.

Previously, scientists have named the signs of pancreatic cancer. Among them – yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes.

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