“Ah, f*ck”: in Poland, a deer attacked a hunter blogger and knocked out his eye (video 18+)

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A man after a hunt runs the risk of being left without an eye.

In Poland, during the hunt, the hunter and the victim changed places. The deer attacked the man when he tried to shoot him.

The video was posted online.

The victim was a Polish blogger-hunter Leszek Kaminsky. He posted a video showing a deer running at him, aiming his antlers at his head and knocking him down. As a result, the man's eye was injured.

“Ah, f*ck!”, – only the blogger managed to say.

In another video, he shows the results of an animal attack – an injured eye and blood.

Recall that the Indian city of Aligarh leopard broke into the school , went into the classroom and attacked the student.

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