Air defense systems on houses in Moscow solve two problems of the Kremlin at once, – expert


Air defense systems on houses in Moscow solve two Kremlin problems at once, – expert< /p>

In Moscow, air defense systems have begun to be installed on the roofs of administrative buildings. This caused a great resonance in the network.

Most likely, two goals. Channel 24 said international expert, Ph.D. in political sciences Bogdan Ferens.

What the Kremlin is trying to achieve

On the one hand, the expert notes, this is aimed at Muscovites living in a different reality. They do not feel that Russia's war against Ukraine continues.

Putin and the Kremlin's first task was to instill war in Russian society as an element of their existential life for the near future, Ferens notes.< /p>

They understood that if they immediately said “war”, dissatisfaction could be quite serious, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg. That is why they came up with the term “special military operation” so that the vast majority of Russians feel comfortable, watch telegram channels, but nothing has changed significantly in life.

Now in the public space they say that this is a war, this for a long time, this is a sacred mission. And the propaganda is only growing.

The deployment of air defense, in my opinion, is a signal for the elite parts of Russian society: “Everyone, we have come to a stage when everyone should prepare for life in a state of war. When Putin again talks about mobilization, be ready for that,” the political candidate believes. Sciences.

On the other hand, he adds, the rise in the level of threat in the context of the escalation of relations between the collective West and Russia. The Kremlin will present this as a defense of its citizens from possible NATO attacks.

“This was done quite revealingly. I think they themselves abandoned these photographs from the locations of these funds in order to create a certain resonance in society,” says Bogdan Ferens.

Russians are strengthening air defense: what is known

  • It is obvious that Moscow has begun to strengthen air defense. So, on the roof of one of the administrative buildings of the capital, a self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun system “Pantsir-S1” appeared.
  • Screens appeared on Telegram channels, where you can see that the air defense system was placed on the building of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Other videos show how people in military uniform are using a crane to pull Russian equipment onto the roof.
  • By the way, the building of the Russian Ministry of Defense is located approximately 2 kilometers from the Kremlin.

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