Aircraft for Ukraine: Air Force told when pilot training will begin


Aircraft for Ukraine: Air Force reveals when pilot training will start

Ukraine has been asking allies for planes since the start of a full-scale war. The training of pilots depends on the decision of the allies.

The speaker of the Air Force Yuriy Ignat told the National Telethon about this, Channel 24 reports.

“The topic was raised, subsided, then raised again. It is impossible to build a perfect air defense system without aviation, because there is fighter air cover, and there is anti-aircraft missile cover. Everything must work in cooperation. Such a large state as ours cannot do without aircraft,” – said Ignat.

The Allies must determine the type of aircraft

Aircraft provision may be announced at the next Ramstein meeting. The representative of the Air Force noted that it is not clear how realistic and fast the provision of this equipment for Ukraine will be.

Pilot training has not started. This will begin when the type of aircraft is determined. The main contender for the fact that Ukraine will receive it is the F-16. He has a wide range of aviation weapons, which will help us in many ways,” Ignat said.

According to Defense Express, pilots who have completed six months of training on the T-6 turboprop and seven months on the T-38 Talon jet can receive a basic training course on the F-16. In addition, approximately 2 months of training on the AT-38 is required.

In total, the course duration for the F-16 is 9 months. We are talking about the basic training of pilots. However, the course for Ukrainians may be reviewed and reduced. Yuriy Ignat said that even in this case it would have been about 6 months.

Ukraine expects planes: latest news

  • Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Goukstra said his country would consider providing F-16 fighter jets. According to Gukstra, the Netherlands has no restrictions related to the transfer of aircraft.
  • Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba noted that, according to the Netherlands, the topic of aircraft has moved forward.
  • At the President's Office hope that the next meeting of “Rammstein” will be aviation.

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