Aircraft of Russian and Belarusian airlines may be denied access to Turkish airports

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Aircraft of Russian and Belarusian airlines may be denied access to Turkish airports

Russian and Belarusian aircraft may stop serving in Turkey due to sanctions.

< p>Havas, a ground handling company at Turkish airports, has informed Russian and Belarusian airlines that it may stop servicing their US-made aircraft in accordance with sanctions against Moscow in connection with its invasion of Ukraine.

This is reported by Reuters.

Havas' January 31 letter on “potential restrictions on Boeing aircraft” was sent days before U.S. officials met with Turkish government and private sector officials to urge U.S. cooperation on restrictions against Russia.

The Havas letter mentions some or all flights by Russian and Belarusian airlines, which contain more than 25% of American-made technologies. Russian forces used Belarus as a springboard for their failed attack on Kyiv at the start of the war almost a year ago.

Havas stated that the Turkish aviation industry has received warning letters from the US Department of Commerce on US Export Control in connection with the Russian war against Ukraine.

“In this regard, we are conducting due diligence to identify risks and consequences for our business and stakeholders. As a result, we may not be able to serve some or all of your flights,” Havas said in a letter.

As part of wide-ranging Western sanctions and export controls on Moscow, the United States has restricted the licensing of parts and services — from new aircraft and engines to cup holders and fuel — to American-made aircraft such as Boeing jets or those containing up to 25% American materials. .

Havas has asked Russian and Belarusian airlines for a list of aircraft containing less than 25% US-made technology, advising them not to fly those aircraft.

Havas will only operate aircraft containing less than 25% 25% of technology is of American origin if the US authorities issue an order to deny export privileges to the operating airline, it said.

Havas, Turkey's largest airport ground handler, operates at many airports, including the largest cities are Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya.

Recall that Russian airlines are asking allow flights over Syria because they have nowhere else to fly due to sanctions.

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