“Akhtung! In space “battle matryoshka!” – The American general was frightened by the new Russian satellite

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“Akhtung! In space

The commander of the US Space Force, John Raymond, at a cyber space conference, greatly hurt the audience with unprecedented exotic Russian weapons.

At the same time, he even showed a photo of our companion, whom he called either a “combat Russian nesting doll”, or a “doll in a doll” system. And then he also chewed on how this system works: “This is a satellite within a satellite. The satellite launches, opens, another satellite appears, it opens – and the projectile is fired to destroy the American satellites. “

This is not the first time Raymond has made such statements, tickling the nerves of Americans. Back in February last year, he compared the spacecraft “Kosmos 2542” and “Kosmos 2543” with nesting dolls and said that they were supposedly too close to the American satellite. And the fantastic Cosmos-2542 would supposedly make the United States “deaf, dumb and blind.” He also argued that this device has a “recoilless space gun capable of destroying all American satellites.” Well, here's a conclusion: “Russian satellite weapons show the danger of vague rules in space. Moscow is conducting an irresponsible policy of militarizing outer space. The states will have to fight and win the battle for space supremacy. “

To comment on all these statements by the commander of the US Space Forces, I asked a person who is deeply in the subject – spacecraft design engineer, senior researcher at the Institute of Space Technologies Alexei Kovalev.

– Alexey Vladislavovich, what can you say about all these statements by General Raymond?

They leave a contradictory impression on me. On the one hand, Raymond insists that Russia shouldn't behave badly in space. There is nothing to fill it with cannons. Otherwise, you see, Moscow has deployed mobile space artillery outside the atmosphere and can now shoot in different directions, which makes the American generals nervous. On the other hand, the same Raymond calls on the United States to fight the Russians and win the battle for space. This position, as they say, cannot be made out without a bottle.

But talking about our “nesting dolls” Raymond specifically calls the Russian satellites “Cosmos-2542”, “Cosmos-2543”. He says that Kosmos 2542, launched on a Soyuz rocket on November 25 last year, looked like a Russian nesting doll. And 11 days after the launch, he threw out another satellite, named “Cosmos-2543”.

Well, then, already on July 15, 2020, Kosmos 2543 high above Northern Europe itself threw out another object, which was carried away at a speed of more than 140 meters per second. ” What is true and what is not?

– I'll tell you even more! There is another, no less talented storyteller in the United States – Christopher Ford, one of the leaders of the US Arms Control Agency. He, too, is sure that it was a shot from a space cannon. Yes, yes, in one of his interviews, he said: “Russia claims that it was just a“ small spacecraft ”for examining other satellites. Nonsense, it was a shell! “. But if there was a “shot from a cannon”, if there was a “shell”, then where was the hit target? All this is not!

– Well, what is there?

– And there is something that the Russian Ministry of Defense did not hide from the very beginning of the flight that the Kosmos-2542 apparatus was a military satellite-inspector. Yes, he is capable of maneuvering in space. It can also fly up to American satellites. And even take pictures of them as a keepsake. And even take a selfie.

But to fire point-blank from a cannon at a US satellite !? This is madness that only Americans can invent! Can you imagine what could have happened after that? The whole world would rattle about “the first Russian-American space war”!

– Well, nevertheless, did our space inspector (or “combat matryoshka”) fly up to the American satellite?

– Yes, it was. I flew, but not very close. He looked closely at the American from a distance of 150 kilometers! It was a large “space cow” – the usa-245 apparatus. It is almost 20 meters long!

He is part of the American intelligence group keyhole / crystal. Is it impossible to look at this satellite even 150 kilometers away? But we're curious.

– Well, was there a cannon in the matryoshka? The same Raymond declares that it is not the first time for the Russians to send guns into orbit. That even the R-23 autocannon was allegedly installed on the Russian military space station Almaz.

– To shoot from such a cannon in space is madness. Even the legendary dreamer Baron Munchausen would not have thought of this! Such firing would be tantamount to the suicide of a satellite. The recoil of a shot under microgravity conditions can not only destroy the fragile body of a satellite with thin walls, but also change its orbit uncontrollably.

– So why then General Raymond made screams around our “matryoshka”?

– There are several reasons, in my opinion. The commander of the US Space Forces, spreading such bullshit tales, wants to knock out more money for his army. In addition, Americans are incredibly proud people: they believe that they should be the first in everything. And then the Russians in space put a piston on them. So they screamed that Moscow was militarizing space. If anyone should first of all point a finger, blaming for the militarization of outer space, then the Americans themselves. They don't even hide the fact that the Boeing X-37 mini-shuttle was created as a space fighter. And the Keyhole / CRYSTAL program, declared as a purely civilian, is controlled, by the way, by the US National Space Intelligence Agency. And that's it. Well, I also want to say that Russia has long and many times called on the United States not to militarize space. The Americans do not hear this and are taking weapons into space. Should we humbly look at this and calmly “smoke bamboo”? No. Here I would like to answer in American: “Houston, you will have problems.”

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