Algeria accuses Israel of burning forests

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Algeria accuses Israel of burning forests

Algerian authorities have accused Zionists from Israel and saboteurs from Morocco of burning forests, which led to deadly wildfires. Reported by The Times of Israel.

The Algerian authorities reported that the detained suspects were involved in terrorist organizations that sponsor these foreign states. An official statement said the unnamed movements pose a threat to public safety and national unity.

It is also reported that it is the saboteurs who are allegedly responsible for the public massacre of the alleged wood fire burner.

On August 13, an angry mob burned a man found guilty of the crime. The investigation suggests that provocateurs are behind the incident. A total of 61 people were arrested in connection with arson and lynching.

At least 90 people became victims of strong August fires in Algeria: 33 of them were military men who helped fight the cataclysm.

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