“All for ** sis”: people perceived the launch of a generator in a shopping center in Kyiv as a fire


"Fuck it all": people mistook the start of a generator in a shopping center in Kyiv for a fire

On Wednesday around 14:00, an air raid siren sounded in Kyiv and the region. And an hour later, eyewitnesses began to receive reports that the Dream Town shopping center was on fire.

So, the people of Kiev in local telegram channels reported heavy smoke at one of the entrances to the shopping center. They thought it was a fire, Channel 24 reports.

There was heavy smoke at one of the mall entrances

In particular, they published a video on the network where you can see thick smoke rising near the building. It is worth noting that the Dream Town shopping and entertainment center is one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in Kyiv.

Despite heavy smoke as of 15:00, emergency workers of the capital did not receive calls due to the alleged fire. However, when the State Emergency Service learned about the situation, they sent an inspector to the scene. According to the speaker of the State Emergency Service of Kyiv, Svetlana Vodolaga, information about the emergency was not confirmed.

Eyewitnesses reported heavy smoke near the mall/Photo telegram channels was the result of a fire

The co-owner of the shopping and entertainment center in Obolon, Grigory Korogodsky, also saw these messages on the network. He emphasized on his Facebook page that the cause of the smoke was by no means a fire or the arrival of an enemy missile.

In fact, such puffs of smoke were produced by a generator that was launched for the first time. According to him, the situation is under control.

Comment about the smoke from the co-owner of the mall/Screenshot

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