All in fairness: an unusual decision was made in Ternopil to turn off the light


All in fairness: an unusual decision was made in Ternopil to turn off the light

In Ternopil, they will manually turn off the lights in houses on critical infrastructure lines. This will be done for the sake of justice.

The corresponding decision was made in Ternopiloblenergo. Local power engineers received a corresponding instruction from Ukrenergo.

The decision was made due to numerous complaints.

The reason for this decision was numerous complaints from other consumers. They resented why someone sits without electricity for several hours, while others are always with him.

This situation is typical, for example, on Kievskaya Street. House number 8 treats such a situation with understanding and is ready to endure inconveniences together with other Ternopil residents.

It is noted that in Ternopil there are about 100 houses connected to critical infrastructure. They will turn off the electricity of ZhEKov. However, when this instruction will begin to be embodied is still unknown.

What preceded this

  • One of the Ternopil houses was lucky and the electricity was not turned off there. However, the neighbors did not like it.
  • This was written by Svyatoslav Zhurovsky, who previously created a map of the power supply of Ternopil. He noted that the light in the house was not turned off due to the fact that a bakery works nearby.
  • Residents of neighboring houses wrote collective complaints online and now everyone is sitting together without electricity.

Encouraging forecasts in Kyiv

  • After the recent Russian attacks, Ukraine's energy system has further damage. But thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the power industry, the situation is now stable.
  • This was stated by the CEO of YASNO Sergey Kovalenko. He recalled that on January 3, Kyiv returned to stabilization schedules.
  • Kovalenko noted that warm weather and weekends at factories and businesses made it possible to spend the holidays with virtually no outages. The CEO of YASNO said that in Kyiv there should be light in the white and light gray zones of the outage scheme.

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