All over Ukraine – air raid alert: Belarus raised MiG into the sky


All over Ukraine – air raid alert: MiG raised into the sky in Belarus

As of 14.40 on January 24, an air alert was announced throughout Ukraine. People are urged to immediately go to the shelter of civil protection.

It is necessary to stay there until the end of the alarm is announced. This rule cannot be neglected, because it saves lives.

It is reported on the net that a MiG has soared into the sky in Belarus.

MiG-31K is a hypersonic carrier Kh-47m2 Kinzhal missiles, which our air defense systems cannot intercept, the message says.

In addition, a training/transport flight of Russian aviation in the North-West region is also running in parallel. At the same time, they emphasize that this is not related to the alarm.

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