All regional hospitals of Ukraine will be checked after the fire in Kosovo – Monastyrskiy

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After fire in Kosovo will check all the regional hospitals of Ukraine & ndash; Monastyrskiy

In Ukraine, they will check the availability of fire-fighting equipment in the intensive care units of regional hospitals. This decision was made at a government meeting on December 29 after a fire in the Kosovar hospital in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

This was announced at a briefing by the Minister of Internal Affairs Denis Monastyrsky.

– It was decided to conduct a complete re-inventory of the availability of appropriate fire-fighting equipment in the intensive care units of district hospitals throughout the country, to check out of turn, to carry out explanatory work , which is being carried out in parallel by the Ministry of Health and the State Service for Emergency Situations in order to prevent such events in the future, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs specified.

As a result of a fire in the ward of the intensive care unit of the Kosov regional hospital, Ivano-Frankivsk region , which took place on the evening of December 28, four people died.

For the lives of three more people, the struggle continues. This is a nurse, a nurse and an anesthesiologist. Today, an ambulance plane from the State Emergencies Service delivered a nurse to a burn center in Kiev.

The fire in the Kosovo hospital was triggered by a memorial candle lit by one of the paramedics in the intensive care unit when the patient died from Covid-19.

At that time, five oxygen concentrators were operating in the room at the same time. The air was oversaturated with oxygen, the medical equipment instantly ignited from contact with the fire.

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