All the money on the surface – Feygin told how to make Russia pay for aggression in Ukraine


All the money is on the surface, – Feigin told how to make Russia pay for aggression in Ukraine

Reparations from Russia/Channel 24 Collage

There is a mechanism to force Russia to pay reparations for the damage caused to Ukraine as a result of the war.

This was told by a Russian opposition human rights activist Mark Feigin. On Channel 24, he said how this can be done.

How Russia differs from North Korea – it has all the money from outside, not inside (countries – Channel 24), – Feigin noted.

He explained that 350 billion dollars of frozen reserves of the Central Bank of Russia are in the United States. They are invested in securities.

They can be used for lend-lease and restoration of the infrastructure of Ukraine, which was destroyed by Russian troops.

“To understand whether it is a lot or a little, you need to start spending them Moreover, according to various estimates, a total of up to 2 trillion dollars of Russian money is outside Russia,” he added.

Will Ukraine be able to receive reparations from Russia: briefly

  • Every day Ukraine loses billions of hryvnias because of the war. Ukraine's goal is to cover all these losses at the expense of the aggressor country.
  • Minister of Justice Denys Malyuska noted that so far there is no single mechanism for how to do this.
  • One of the options is voluntary consent Russia for compensation.
  • Another option is to transfer the frozen Russian assets to our international partners.

How Ukraine can get reparations from Russia: watch the video

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