All training grounds that could be used for the exercises – the observer assessed the risk of an offensive from Belarus


All training grounds that could be used for the exercise – the observer assessed the risk of an attack from Belarus

On January 16, near the Ukrainian border, joint tactical flight training of aviation units of the armies of Belarus and Russia started. The Armed Forces of Ukraine note that air threat signals may be heard more often in Ukraine. But is it worth expecting the offensive of the occupiers from Belarus – read the opinion of the browser in the article. Alexander Musienko. He stressed that all training grounds that could be used were used for training in Belarus.

At the same time, according to him,ground forces are concentrated mainly on the western borders of Belarus – in particular, near the borders with Volyn, Poland and Lithuania.

The presence of Russian troops there is the same as it was before. There has been a slight increase in several hundred military personnel, as well as several dozen equipment – mainly trucks, several armored personnel carriers and tanks. There is no noticeable growth today,” Musienko noted.

The military observer stressed that the situation is dynamic, but it is too early to say that the Belarusian direction does not pose a threat.

In addition, as the expert emphasized, it should be understood that Russia has no planning, so obviously theywill try to change something in connection with the arrival of Gerasimov to the leadership.

Therefore, even any absurd scenarios cannot be ruled out, in particular, an unpromising, from a military point of view, attempt by the Russian-Belarusian troops to attack the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Volyn, Musienko believes.

In his opinion, the Russian command hopes that “suddenly something works”, and if not, theywill say that it was a red herring, it was meant to be.

“Similarly it was with the attack on Kyiv – after the retreat, the Russians said that they did not want to storm Kyiv, and it was a diversion,” he added.

The military observer notes that today there are no threats regarding the offensive of Russian troops from Belarus compared to what was before. “But it can increase air alerts due to the fact that there will be activity of enemy aircraft, so you need to play it safe. But the risks of air attacks remain,” Musienko added.

What to expect from flight exercises in Belarus: video

What is known about the joint Russian-Belarusian exercises: in brief

  • On Monday, January 16, joint tactical flight exercises with Russia began on the territory of Belarus. All airfields and training grounds of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of Lukashenka's armed forces will be involved in them. The exercises will end on February 1.
  • Russian and Belarusian aviation plan to work out: conducting aerial reconnaissance, joint patrolling of airspace along the state border; air support for groupings of troops, the landing of tactical airborne troops, the delivery of cargo and the evacuation of the wounded.
  • According to Ignat, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready for such exercises. Each aerial target of the Russian Armed Forces is known and understood by our military. “All the information is known, we will watch and respond if there are any threats,” the Air Force speaker emphasized.
  • They add that if the MiG-31 aircraft is lifted into the sky, this is the carrier of the “Dagger”, it doesn't matter, whether it's a training or training flight, there will be an air raid alert in Ukraine. The same with Tu-22M3 aircraft.

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