Almost every centimeter in mines: Kherson region received two demining complexes


Almost every centimeter in mines: Kherson region received two demining complexes

In the Kherson region, liberated from Russian occupiers, demining continues daily. Ukraine will receive two Croatian complexes for demining the Kherson region.

This was announced by the head of the regional military administration Alexander Prokudin. He said that the Kherson region received 2 mechanized demining complexes “DOK-ING” MV-4 and MV-10 made in Croatia.

Complexes will speed up clearance

“These complexes are one of the best robotic demining systems in the world. They are capable of demining an area with a productivity of up to 4,000 – 5,000 square meters per day, depending on the complexity of the tasks. The functionality of these complexes is fantastic, but their main advantage is the preservation lives of sappers,” Prokudin said.

He stressed that the Russian invaders had turned the lands of the Kherson region into an abundant minefield. According to Prokudin, demining is ongoing, but this process takes time and painstaking work.

30% of the territory of Ukraine is mined

The head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Serhiy Kruk, reported in November 2022 that 30% of the territory of Ukraine was mined. According to him, the area and volumes of mines in the territory of Ukraine have grown 10 times compared to the pre-war period.

Sergey Kruk noted that in the Kherson and Nikolaev regions, the de-occupied territories are being actively cleared of explosive objects.

More than 8,000 square kilometers are subject to demining. Of these, about 7 thousand square kilometers is the territory of the Kherson region and up to 1.5 thousand square kilometers – Nikolaev.

A significant number of specialists of the State Emergency Service from the western regions have been sent to the Kherson and Nikolaev regions. Engineering and emergency rescue units are working, which inspect roads, interact with power engineers, dismantle and inspect objects that are being put into operation.

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