Almost pissed my pants: epic video of a frightened Putin flying in a helicopter simulator


Almost pissed my pants: epic video of a frightened Putin flying in a helicopter simulator

Vladimir Putin, in the best traditions of propaganda, wants to be the first everywhere. If he does not ride a horse somewhere in the taiga, then he flies on a Mi-171A2 helicopter simulator. And this flight was a success for him.

On the video posted by the propaganda media, you can see a bright palette of fear, surprise and shock on Putin's face, Channel 24 reports. He flies on a simulator, and there is so much fear, as if he was taken to the front.

Fear has big eyes

It is known that Putin made a flight on a Mi-171A2 helicopter simulator during his visit to Ulan-Ude. Propagandists in all their glory showed us the emotions of the President of Russia. Since the lighting is not the best, it may even look like he has a mask instead of a face. Or maybe we don't think so.

Note that in the region he visited an aircraft factory. Surprisingly, someone from the Kremlin dared to ask the dictator about the problems associated with the implementation of the state order. After all, they are faced against the background of the fact that the defense industry is experiencing an acute shortage of personnel.

Putin, in the traditional manner, said some nonsense. According to him, problems can be solved thanks to difficulties. Further direct speech, because we cannot understand what he wanted to say by this: “If nothing interferes, you need to go to bed. You can grunt right away.”

What is known about the Mi-171A2 helicopter

This is an improved version of the Mi-171A military transport helicopter. The maximum speed of this helicopter is 280 kilometers per hour. On an external suspension, it can carry loads weighing up to 5 tons. As of February 12, 2019 (available open data – Channel 24), 8 such helicopters have been released. Source: Wikipedia

It should be noted that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have destroyed about 300 enemy helicopters. So let's remind ourselves of the current losses of the Russians.

Already more than 161 thousand “packages”

  • Over the past day, our military sent 980 invaders to the next world. And since February 24, 2022, 161,520 Russian fighters have joined the ranks of the 200th.
  • Also, 3,492 tanks, 6,799 armored combat vehicles, 2,528 artillery systems, 502 MLRS, 262 air defense systems, 304 aircraft, 289 helicopters, 2,132 operational-tactical UAVs, 907 winged vehicles and 5 units of special equipment were turned into scrap metal .

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